Fishing tourism

A real paradise for fishermen-Jrebchevo dam is located on the incredibly beautiful countryside, surrounded by forests and meadows. Jrebchevo is the third largest dam in Bulgarian after Iskar and Studen Kladenets. Built in 1965, when the villages of Atlari/Jrebchevo/, whose name it bears now the dam and Zapalnia/Azaplu/are covered by the waters of the dam, and their inhabitants were displaced to nearby villages. The only left from Zapalnia village is the Church-Museum "St. Ivan Rilski", which for the most part of the year is submerged in the water. Jrebchevo dam is located on an area of 25,000 acres its length is about 15 km and the depth varies, as the water is used for irrigation and in summer drain significantly. There is a great species diversity of fish, so Jrebchevo is popular among the fishermen.

One of the favorite places for anglers is the Roman bridge of the Tundja River near Nikolaevo town. There in shallow water, there are mostly Rudd, Carassius, Carp. If you like Perch or Whitefish is better to stretch rods inside the dam. And if you are lucky and fishing has obsessed you permanently, you can capture catfish, Pike, carp, Chub, perch, bream. Dam Jrebchevo is vast and naturally offers opportunities for water sports, such as surfing, underwater fishing, water sports etc. It is interesting to know that Jrebchevo dam is a wetland of international importance for Wintering waterfowl. End the dam every year concentrate over 33 species of waterfowl, some of which are included in the Red Book. In 2005, the dam was named for Ornithological importance. During the winter period here hibernate, the Great White-fronted Goose, Great Egret, winter teal and many other species of birds.


Next to the town of Tvarditsa run four mountain rivers, unique with the views and canyons. Tvardishka River is formed by the Warm and Cold rivers, which spring from parts of the mountain ridge and merge near above the city.

Kozarevska River, which is less than 2 km. west of town, springs from the ridge of the Balkan mountains. The river Bliagornishka is 1.5 km east of Tvarditsa. Upstream of the rivers occurs mainly trout and cray, and in the urban part mainly mullet, barbell, and others. Kozarevska River in an area of 7 hectares is situated breeding-pond,in which, for years Balkan and American trout are bred and up to date and other species such as carp and sturgeons. Area Livadkite – beautiful Lake on the ridge of the Balkan mountains.


The blue waterfalls: - North of the town of Tvarditsa along the river among the banks of the picturesque river gorge and the panoramic view of the medieval fortress Gradishte river is formed yet another creation – a fairy-tale ensemble of three intertwined in each other waterfalls, located on three levels.

Kozarevski jump - Under the place "Iliev pripek" on Kozarevska River 3 km above the village of Kozarevo are located system of waterfalls. The height of the largest waterfall is 10 meters.