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Experience an extreme experience among nature! Looking for unforgettable experience? Feel the power, while you enjoy the incredible beauty of mountain and Tvarditsa hour walk in the mountains with ATV! Two nights for two people and one hour in the mountains with ATV for 60.00 lev!

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Do you want your vacation to be perfect blend of tranquility, beautiful views and holiday nonchalance, do you want to experience the genuine hospitality of the Bulgarian House? Come with us to welcome you with a kind word and a cold schnapps to a rich table in the cozy atmosphere of the authentic tvardishki home!

We would be honored to be our guest!

We Look Forward To Welcoming You!

Tvarditsa-an ancient settlement of the Thracian era and stronghold of the Bulgarian spirit, preserving the traditions and legends of glorious battles of primeval life-times. Unknown is the name of the wise and of perversely dignified Baptist, rationalized the relationship between keep/fortress/and the fearless and free spirit of people who have lived and live here and labeled with the most exact and almost caressing name-Tvarditsa. Shrouded in a majestic Middle Stara Planina mountain , the nature of the Tvardishki balkan captivates with its charm through all seasons.